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studies / chart / script / flowchart / concept / product

This is the basic flow chart of the CD-ROM. The navigation through-out the whole CD-ROM is clear and there is even a dummy proof textlink navigation.The interesting icons to present the links creates the interest of the viewers to go and discover the information. The overall navigation method used is by playing safe by providing textlink and also icons.
The escape button exits the CD-ROM straight without asking for option to exit and this makes it less control for the user. There isn't much choice also for the user to choose from other that the information given.
The overall CD-ROM has a overall consistency from the album to the presentation...the concept follows through out the whole album. The CD content can be further enhanced if it is linked to the artist website.
In conclusion, the CD-ROM can be rated as excellent in navigation and in usage of Multimedia usage but it is a bit lame in update and interactivity.
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