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studies / chart / script / flowchart / concept / product

The attention of the terget audience is easily gained from the fans and people who are interested in "Juliet the Orange". The product is made hero by presentating the two artist as very interesting persons with interesting hobby bacause the two of them are the focus point. The benefits and features in not that clear...maybe this because the overall content of the CD-ROM is weak wherby it is a bit confusing to the user the purpose of the product. The interest of Audience is captured by the usage of the interesting icons which will be explained in detail in design portion.

There isn't much option or choices given for user to sign-up or buy anything but the product only offers some knowledge of the artist and their interest to the Audience.
There insn't any connection to the web making the product a bit get bored after going through the whole CD once or twice. The CD does not reqiure any feedback from user and the consistency can be seen in Design but not in content wise.
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