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studies / chart / script / flowchart / concept / product

PROJECT TITLE: To create and enhance the 3D perception ,a better visualzation of arts which require the field of depth for viewing and also to promote the local sculpture by using the stereoscopic technology as a medium.
PRODUCT NAME: A new dimension in perception
PRODUCT CHARACTER: A visual experiment
TARGET AUDIENCE: Age 18 and above with knowledge in art
TREATMENT :A sculpture or an instalation art is an artwork with 3 dimensional form where the viewer enjoy the perception of depth, by viewing it stereoscopically and digitally the viewer is still able to enjoy the perception of depth and ata the same time able to access to all the information on the sculpture and also on the artist.
PRODUCT PURPOSE : to enhance and to further more to promote the Malaysian sculptor using the stereoscopic technology and at the same time use the technology as a replacement of VR and to atract consumers.
PRODUCED BY: Roopesh A/L Sitharan