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studies / chart / script / flowchart / concept / product

The main element used for the overall presentation is AUDIO because it is the selling point for the product but it is well blend with the design layout and the overall navigation. The elemenent of organic shapes such as circle is widely used.
The is order is in proper manner where the user can clearly understand the page they are in but the navigation is a bit confusing. The image in the background disturbs the user from reading the text but there is no moving graphics when the information is presented and this makes it less confusing and easier to focus.The overall concept is followed through the CD-ROM creates the unity in the overall presentation of the product and this follows right up to Audio CD and product labeling. The colour scheme follows from the overall product lebelling making it stronger.The major component which they have left out is the navigation which is a bit confusing and hidden. Besides that the emphasize is given to the music and for entertainment purpose rather that for informatic purpose and this makes the product a bit lame.Overall usage of the typography through-out the CD-ROM is in proper manner and for proper purpose and thge correct type of font was used for the correct purpose but there isn't much info to be put in except fo the boigraphy portion...this makes it less to concentrate on the typography and the usage of it.
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