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studies / chart / script / flowchart / concept / product

The time taken to finish this product is around 1 to 3 month and it is also waited until the launch of Album of the Group to be given free with it. This also covers on the drawing up of the Chracters and the concept and layout.The user has to go through the whole product.
there is no fast track for the user to go through the cd if they don't have time.It is not simplified and the navigation is hidden.
The strengths of the product would be the fans of the group making it easier to sell itself...Besides that this cd is given free with Audio CD. The Chracter created for the overall album is strong and based upon the actual group members maikng it more intersting.
The weakness of the product would be the bad navigation and the main navigation is hidden...there is no proper instruction or navigation method making it harder for the user to browse the CD-ROM .
I would inprove on the product by making the main navigation less complex and giving clear instruction to the user. I might add link to the website. The cost of the product will be around RM 20 to 30 Thousand.
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