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This is the very basic flow chart of the CD-ROM and there are other detail links when you go into each sub-category.
The flow is simple but the navigation is hidden. It attracts the attention of the by creating moving buttons and navigation. It also tries to create interest by hiding the buttons but it is a bad design.
Audience still come just to get the website URL and they can check for details and further info from the website. They product tried to sustain the interest by giving several option where the user can becomes DJ by selecting the audio given and remixing it themselves.
The main problem as told before is the problem hidden navigation and this can be solved by giving clear indication where the navigation is hidden.
The escape button straight away exits the CD-ROM makes it less control for the user and they also provide exit button in every page.
There is consistency in design ,in navigation and also in overall concept of the CD-ROM. This follows through the product labeling.
In conclusion, the CD-ROM can be rated as good but there are some several problems which can be also improved and can be solved which will make the product much more stronger.
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