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Questionaire for Design Dissertation  
Instruction: Tick the correct answer  
1.Do you know what is stereoscopic 3D Yes No
2.If Yes, how do you know about it?  
3.Do you enjoy watching stereoscopic 3D images? Yes No
4.Would you buy a product uses this technology? Yes No
5.Do you have better preception seeing stereoscopic 3D Yes No
6.Do you find it a burden to wear teh specs? Yes No
7.Would you buy a product gives the specs along? Yes No
8.How do you rate these stereoscopic images?  
fantastic... excellent... enjoyable... good... awful
9.Choose between stereoscopic and Rendered 3D  
Stereoscopic 3D........... Rendered 3D
10.choose between VR and rendered 3D  
VR Rendered........... 3D
11.How would you rate if there are interactivity?  
fantastic... excellent... enjoyable... good... awful
12.Is it difficult to find this technology here?  
Any comment concerning stereoscopic 3D...  
more reserach less reserach