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treatment / script / schedule / flowchart / overall / findings

Name: Roopesh A/L Sitharan
ID: 97100471
Proposed Project. Exploration of Sight using Stereoscopic 3D.
Problem Statement: Most of us don't even know what is Stereoscopic 3D until I actually show the red and blue specs to them. For years we have seen these Stereoscopic 3D doing it's wonders in our lives and changing the way we Look at things but we don't actually see the full potentials of the images. So, what I am going to do is to Discover how it works and converts it to the digital technology by adding some interactivity and break all the limitations of the printing.
Project Objectives :
1. Discover the Stereoscopic 3D
2. Fully utilize the potential of this technology.
3.To present and encourage e-art in Malaysia.
4. Discover new methods in a presenting 3 dimensional art.
5. to enhance the usage of digital technologies .

Proposed Final Output (Inclusive of final report - design & documentation):: CD-ROM presentation which can be used for both projection presentation and also viewed straight from the CD-ROM or as an installation.