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The anaglyph method uses color to encode the right and left image pairs. This method requires that the user wear a special pair of glasses with color filters over each eye. These glasses have a red filter over one eye and a blue or green filter over the other eye. Most anaglyph glasses put the red filter over your left eye. There are three ways to encode an anaglyph image:

Color: Color anaglyphs try to preserve as much of the original image color as possible. Not every image will look good as a color anaglyph - those that do are quite spectacular.

Gray: Gray anaglyphs use a black and white version of the original image. Although the color information is not preserved (as is with the color anaglyph) the gray anaglyph is typically easier to view.

Pure: The pure anaglyph method converts the original image into a pure red/blue or red/green image (depending on the type of glasses you have). The pure method gives the best 3D effect but sacrifices the color data and image intensity.

Note: Depending upon the image, you may need to switch between Color, Grey, and Pure to get the best results. Generally if color doesn't work - try grey, if grey doesn't work try pure.

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