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The parallel view method (sometimes called relaxed viewing or free view method), Displays the right and left image in a side by side fashion. The right image is on the right and the left image is on the left as shown below.

the images are small enough so that one image fits between your eyes, the stereoscopic image can usually be viewed without the aid of any viewing device here's how. . .
1. Hold your head close to the image pair so that your right eye is over the right image and your left eye is over the left image. If you are wearing glasses, you may want to remove them.
2. Look straight ahead and imagine that you are looking at an image which is far away (gaze through the screen). The stereo images should be fuzzy.
3. Slowly pull your head away from the screen while maintaining your gaze. The two images will become four images. Concentrate on a point which is behind the screen.
4. Eventually the four images will merge into three images. The center image should be in stereo. You may need to rotate your head slightly to the right or left.

page flipped method cross-eye view