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1. Look at the image below with the A and B targets.
2. Put your finger on the screen, below the image, as indicated.
3. Now, stare at your finger tip.
4. Slowly move your finger away from the screen towards your eyes, you should be able to get the A and B targets to line up. Remember to keep looking at your finger tip.
5. When the A and B targets line up, slowly transfer your vision from your finger tip to the center target on the screen. You may need to rotate your head slightly to the left or right to make sure your eyes are level. The key is to keep your eyes crossed when you transfer your vision to the screen.

Once you have mastered this practice exercise, try the method on the Cross-eyed stereo pair below.
figure 1.1...this is an example image of Cross-eye pair
parallel view less on cross-eye view