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This CD-ROM is custom made to educate and at the same time to teach people about Dinosaurs. The terget Audience will be general (anyone who is interested to know about Dinosaurs). This CD-ROM would fit into the category of Education because it is purely to educate people using the multimedia elements. All the multimedia elements are well used exspecially 3D modelling and animation of the character. The time taken to finish this product is around 6 months to 1 year due to the modeling and animation. The information is well managed where the user can use the serach engine to qiuckly get access to the information required if they don't have time to go through the CD.Strength of the product would be the 3D modelling and the animation which really attract the audience. The weakness would be the long animation. I would improve it by adding some real video shots of interviews of Archologies.The cost of the product would be around 50 to 100 thousand.
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