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studies / chart / script / flowchart / concept / product

This is a study conducted on 3 current product on the market which relates to my product and try to gain better understanding to enhance the product I am working on. The product which I choose conduct the research are :
POETIC AMMO - Interactive CD-ROM enhanced from Audio CD
JULIET THE ORANGE - Interactive CD-ROM enhanced from Audio
DINOSAURS 3D - Interactive CD-ROM
I decided to choose Enhance CD-ROM of Audio CD because my product is also an enhanced CD whereby it is enhanced by Stereoscopic 3D.
Besides the the understanding of the development of the concept of the product for the artist will help me to develop the CD-ROM for the art galllery.The only different is the field they are from but basically both the sculptor and musicians are artist in thier own ways.
Poetic AmmoJuliet the OrangeDinosaurs 3D