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studies / chart / script / flowchart / concept / product

The actual detail flow chart of the CD-ROM is a very complex and it has so many sub-branches but this is the very basic and the very main flow of the CD-ROM.
As it is mentioned in teh earlier versions...the navigation also plays a very important role in atracting the attention of the terget audience. The very clear information and also very easy navigation really helps the user. The interest of the audience is captured by displaying animation along with the voice over explaining the animation. The search engine program is a very effective method to save all the trouble the viewer has to go through to gain access to information fast.The escape button is not effective and will have to click the exit button on the screen to exit the CD-ROM and this is very effective and makes the user more in control. There is even option to off the intro when the next time it is played.
In conclusion, this CD-ROM can be rated as an excellent product in navigation and f\information management but it is a bad example when it comes to design wise.
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