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This is a CD-ROM which has both Interctivity and Audio in the same CD. This is their latest album named after thier own name called "JULIET THE ORANGE". The intended audiences are the fans of the group and this CD-ROM would fit into the category of EDUTAINMENT because it not only made to entertain but also to share the same interest stuffs like poetry and other stuffs.
All the main elements of multimedia well used exspecially the 3D plus live shooting intro. It takes roughly around 3 Months to complete the enire product. There isn't much to do if there is not enough time for the user to view the whole CD. The was not option given to have an overall oreview of the product. The strength of the product would be the fans and the overall album sales. It is someting like a bonus gift. The weakness of the product would be the terget audiences whereby it is target most slightly to female viewers and this defeats the purpose.
I would change the product by widening the target audience for this product and the cost of the cd is around 10 to 30 thousand ringgit.
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