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studies / chart / script / flowchart / concept / product

Basically the usage of ICONS is largely used throughout the whole CD-ROM (Example is seen at the side)and many stuffs like wallpaper and music clips are given for the user to compose by downloading software from sites they have given.
These free stuffs are very effective in atracting the attention of the target audience to buy the product. Besides that there is also game for the user to play and enjoy.
These are some of the example screen shots of the game. The product becomes a hero when the group member are used as character with special power and the same concept is carried out through out the CD. The products Benefits and Features is clearly revealed as it's only purpose is to entetain the audience.The desire to navigate and to interact with the CD is enhanced with the features such as games and picture gallery and Audio clips but it is hindered by bad navigation. It drives the user to visit the websites by giving only some sample audio clips and for full version they have to go to the website.Tthe style of interactivity is consistence through out all the CD-ROM.
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