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studies / chart / script / flowchart / concept / product

Above is the design of initial screen. It is divided into four section....
Area A - In this area the images seen above will change randomly making it interesting and as the main attention. The design of the circle follows through-out the whole presentation.
Area B - This is the main menu which appears only when the mouse goes over the area A. When the link appears the text will highlight.
Area C - Here the text is placed in the site of the overall design to indicate that this is the initial page of Poetic Ammo CD-ROM
Area D - Here the link given to the website of poetic ammo...the user can click to the link if they are connected. It is placed in a small corner because it is not the important portion of the overall design.
The overall design follow the main division of navigation and design in the left and info and text on the right.The design makes the main menu hidden and this makes it much harder to navigate from main page.
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